Second in command

The mate’s position brings with it total responsibility for the exterior of the yacht. Some vessels will require the mate to participate in navigation and passage planning and they are often responsible for documentation, safety and security aboard.

Generally, the mate is ready, willing and able to step up into the captain's position should the need arise.

First time mate:

  • Employment of 2 years working on deck (Day work and refits can be included)
  • STCW 95
  • Good knowledge of products
  • Navigation
  • Painting, varnish, Awlgrip applications
  • Basic engineering
  • Tender driving experience
  • Watch-keeping experience
  • Line Handling
  • A small license is good although not necessary on all yachts e.g. 100T, Yachtmaster Offshore, Ocean, etc.

A position on a larger vessel may include:

  • All of the above
  • PADI or NAUI certification
  • Small license
  • Computer literate

Experienced mate:

  • Experience on boats 130' and up
  • Licenses required will depend on tonnage of the yacht.
  • The general requirement is Chief Mate 3000GRT
  • Two years running a deck crew, 1 year with more than one deckhand
  • Basic engineering
  • Navigation experience
  • Management skills
  • Basic accounting skills
  • Computer literate
  • Generally able to the run yacht in the Captains absence