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Diane Leander

Diane Leander

M 954 609 2710

Diane grew up in Ohio's small town farm country. She started working for the airline shortly after graduating. This gave her a great opportunity to travel the World. Whether it was sailing across San Francisco Bay or skiing in was exciting. She semi settled in Manhattan where she co-owned and managed a Spa at the Marriott Marquis in Time Square. Catering to high-end clientele, Broadway Stars and World renowned hairdressers gave her an introduction to the level of service that luxury yacht owners are looking for. Warm weather and marrying a yacht Captain brought her to Ft. Lauderdale. Yachting being the number 1 industry in S. Florida naturally brought her to TCN. After 16 years in the industry she manages TCN Ft. Lauderdale. Working with such a great team has made it a success. Life is good!

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