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FAQ List
How do I register?
Registering with The Crew Network could not be easier.  On this same website click on the “Crew Members”
Click on “Register”
Fill in a VERY short datasheet.
Attach your CV (Resume) and any Reference Letters
You will be sent a Registration Email.
Fill in the form.
And – voila, you are registered.
Then what happens ?
You will receive an email after registering telling you your next step.
How do I update you with my recent resume and check in?
To update any of your information, including your CV (resume) and to check in, on this same website click on the “Crew Members”
Click “Check In”
Update your data right there.
If you want to give us information that is not in the data-sheet, just enter it in that big free form text box at the bottom.
To update your CV (Resume) click on the hyperlink at the top of the page – it is a VERY light font, so look closely – you’ll see it.
Will I need additional training?
If you are new to yachting, yes, probably.
Requirements to even be considered for an applicant is STCW-95 Basic Training.
Does Crewnetwork recommend  any particular training school ?
No, we don't.
How long will it take to obtain a position on a yacht?
This depends a lot on you, the job market, and luck.
If we have clients who are looking for somebody like you, you might get a job in a day or two.
Most successful candidates find a position within a few weeks – if the job market is tight it could take a few months!
If you have skills or licenses, or a strong history of sticking to a job, you will have a MUCH better chance of finding a job sooner rather than later.
What are the work hours?
All day.  Every day.
What kind of experience are they looking for?
Honestly?  We are looking for yacht experience.  If you are new to the industry, you will have a more difficult time.  If you have a proven history of working in yachting – you move up the list.
If you are new, emphasize those skills that you have that translate to the position you are hoping to land.
Do your homework.  Ask existing crew what they do in their positions in order to decide which skills you want to emphasize.
What is the pay for entry-level positions?
Depends on the yacht, but you should expect somewhere between $1500 - $2500 per month for yachts that generally trade in the Western Hemisphere and about 1500 Euro – 2500 Euro for yachts in the Eastern Hemisphere.
If you are very interested in making sure you get a yacht that pays in Euro because it turns out to be more money after the exchange rate and you are sure you can work the float…do not apply with us.
What are the entry level positions?
Some yachts will hire an entry level deckhand or an entry level steward(ess).
A Chef with a fantastic background may be considered.
How long do I have to commit to the job?
Minimum 1 year.  There are agencies that specialize in freelance positions – we are not one of them.  If you are legal to work in the South of France / Spain / Monaco / Italy we will probably have some great seasonal positions for you – April – October.  If you are located in the US and looking for a summer vacation in the Med, forget it.  We can’t help you.
What can I do to improve my chances of getting into the industry?
A lot of things.
The number one thing yacht Captains look for is a proven record of taking a job and sticking with it.  That does not mean 6 weeks.  That means 2-3 years.
STCW-95 Basic Training – it’s expensive, but you need it.
A great attitude.
The right look (polo style shirt – white or blue), khaki pants or shorts and boat shoes.
Get some day work in your pocket – even if you have to work a few days at a very low wage – even free.
Know what you want.
Do I have to be in Fort Lauderdale, Antibes, etc. to get a job on a yacht?
Yes.  If you want a job on a yacht, especially if you have less experience, but even if you are experienced, you need to be generally where the yachts are.
Most Captains / owners realize that if they are in the Galapagos Islands, they will have to fly in a candidate.  If they are in Nice – they expect you to already be there.
How does this work, am I hired by The Crew Network?
No.  We are an introduction service.  We pre-screen you and try to get you an interview with the hiring authority.  You will interview with them and be employed by them.
Can I come in for an interview or see a crew agent?
These are two separate questions.
We will send you an invitation for an interview if you pass the application and if we have yachts that we think at first glance would be appropriate for you.
You can come in to see an agent anywhere in the world (where we have offices).  Monday, Wednesday and Fridays from 9 AM to 10 AM we are here to meet you face to face and answer questions.  The rest of the days we are conducting scheduled interviews and getting candidates introduced to clients.
What jobs do you have available?
Probably a lot.  One of the benefits we offer our clients is anonymity.  We do not tell you about the jobs, we don’t post them.  If we believe you would be an appropriate candidate for a position we have, we will contact you to confirm your interest in the job (we’ll tell you a bit about it). You will then tell us if you want us to make the introduction – you drive this process.
Why don’t you post the jobs online?
That’s not the way we do business.
Where can I upload my CV, references, picture, license, etc?
Right here on this website – when you register or when you check in.
Why can’t I upload my CV, references, picture, license, etc?
It’s probably a formatting issue.  All CV’s (Resumes) must be in MS Word 97 format.  Look at the end of your document name and make sure it ends in “.doc”  If it ends in something else, it probably will not work. You can upload in rich text format “.rtf” but that is not very common.
Also, there is a limit to the size that we will accept.  Your CV must be smaller than 1 MB.  If you have photos in it, try compressing them to WEB format.  Any special formatting, tables, lines, charts, etc. will make your CV too large.  Get rid of it.  The whole world works by email and the yachts use a very expensive satellite system to receive their email.  We take that into consideration and will only accept appropriately sized CV’s (Resumes).
Photos, pictures of references, pictures of licenses, etc. all need to be in .jpg format or .pdf.
How do I make sure my CV was uploaded properly?
If you did not get an error message – it uploaded properly.
Why can’t I see/make changes to my profile or my CV?
That’s not the way we work.  Unlike CV (Resume) forwarding services, or job boards, we hand screen each of our candidates – why? Because you are that important to us.  We don’t have the time to re-examine your CV (Resume) every time you think you should move a colon.  On the other hand, you can upload a brand new CV as many times a day as you would like.
Where are your office locations?
Check out the “Contact Us” section at the top of this webpage for all of our locations.
Which office should I contact?
You don’t need to contact any of our offices.  When you register or check in, all of our agents around the world will have access to your application.
If you are invited in for an interview, you will be given a number to contact and the person on the phone will help direct you to the correct office.
Does my employer provide benefits and paid vacation?
Usually.  Every job and range of benefits is unique.  When you are offered a position with a wage and/or benefit package, you will decide if the package is right for you.
Where do the yachts travel?
Anywhere the owner wants to go.
Are there other resources that provide information about the industry?
Yes.  There are a ton of great resources out there.  From industry newspapers and magazines (google: yacht crew magazine) to your national maritime societies.
What should I wear to an interview? What should I bring to the interview? How should I prepare for the interview? What types of questions will they ask me? Who will I interview with?
That’s a lot of questions!
You should dress professionally for any interview (flip through the yachting photos to get an idea of what crew wear – and you should dress the same).
Bring your licenses, certificates, CV, references and a great attitude to the interview.
Prepare by knowing what you want, and be honest with yourself.
We will ask you some really easy, and some really tough questions.  The Captain's questions will all be tough.  The important thing here is to decide beforehand to be honest.  You are interviewing for a job where you will work, play and live in a relatively small space with the same people every single day for about a year or more.  You want to make sure that you are comfortable in the environment as much as the Captain wants somebody who will fit in.  Don’t worry if yacht (A) does not want you, the very things they reject may make you perfect for yacht (B)
How long is an average trip?
There is no such thing as average in yachting.  Expect the unexpected, be flexible and be ready for anything.
Are there certain times during the year in which they do most of the hiring?
No.  During the winter the Caribbean is hot with jobs, during the summer, the Mediterranean is hot with jobs.  Spring and fall are usually a little bit quite, but there is almost always something.
Will I be able to find a position on the same yacht as my friend?
Probably not.  Teams jobs are scarce and we don’t place entry level teams.
What are the typical crew sizes and yacht sizes?
Nothing in yachting is typical.  Expect anything from 1 person 12 meter yachts to 100 person 100+ meters.
Is this a permanent position?
Usually.  We do not focus on freelance jobs.
Do you hire for cruise ships?
No, but one of our parent companies, V-Ships is the largest ship management company in the world.  Give them a shot.
What is the difference between a charter yacht and a private yacht?
For the crew – nothing.  Private just means the guests are either the owners or friends of the owners.  Charter means that the guests have rented the yacht from the owner.
What are the living accommodations?
Very small.  2-4 crew per cabin.  No privacy and you must be very neat about your space and person.
Advantages and disadvantages of this career?
This is a silly question.  If this is the type of question you need to ask an agent, then you need to go into a different career.  People who excel in yachting are independent, curious, exciting, open-minded people who make their own decisions.  If you need somebody else to do your research to decide advantages and disadvantages as they apply to  you, then yachting is not for you.  Try accounting.
What are crew houses? Do they have them in every location of where your offices are located?
Crew houses are reasonably priced (ok, cheap) accommodations that cater to yacht crew who generally need very short-term living arrangements in the yachting capitals while they look for work.  We are not affiliated with any crew house and cannot suggest one for you.
I would like to speak to an Agent in person - how can I do that ?
All our offices worldwide are open for Open House from 9am until 10am  on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays when you are welcome to come in and talk to any one of our Agents. Our Agents also dockwalk every Thursday morning from 10am to 11am and are always approachable.
What are your office opening hours ?
We are open daily from Monday to Friday from 9am until 5pm.
I am a newcomer to Yachting - will I get an interview with a Crew Agent ?
We hold a Group interview every Monday from 4pm to 5pm in all our worldwide offices  which are very informative and helpful for entry level crew.